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Customer Responses to Tutu's
"I love my new pink tutu from Hip Chick Designs...can't wait to wear it when I paint a children's mural!" 
Karen Davis McDonald

".I friggin love my tutu..It is free flowing and full and I love to twirl in it.....I wear it when I paint.......
It makes me feel young and free!!!!!"
Amy White Hatch

‎"in a season of hurt and tears, the only think that made my heart sing was a white tutu." 
Rene Groom

"Mommies are just BIG little girls, and so the tutus make sense!!!"
Autumn Carroll

"I put it on (tutu) and my attitude instantly changed!"
Jeri Dwyer

"This tutu has really improved my darling daughters life, she now has the confidence she always wanted."
Lesley Whalley
Customer responses about the Shop
"Hip Chick Designs is inspiring, creative, authentic, fun and full of charm...just like Carrie!"
Gretchen VanTilburgh Adams

"it's kind of a secret vintage shop with a private collection. You don't often find something that hasn't really been discovered and turned into, "popular vintage"
Kaitlyn Raykiewicz

Remy Regala

"It's like Disneyland: it has a specific theme of fun and creativity and imagination and it surrounds you with joy the moment you walk in."
Molly Kate Taylor

"An eclectic celebration of life, art and decor."  
Kat Vaverka

"An ubiquous nest of blessings and enlightenments."
Christina Baird

"The website like the shop is like a warm towel or a hug from grandma!"
Toby Tullis

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